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I often wonder who I am.  Through struggles with mental health and feeling like the odd man out, finding a consistent image of self is an exercise in futility.


Finding the answer to the question  “Who am I” presents a challenge. Even when no one is watching you are not a consistent self. You are constantly on the move, adjusting who you are, what you say, and how you act to best suit the people you are with. You’ll find this is not a foreign concept to anyone; of course people act differently in different situations. You tailor, you hide, and you disguise who you are to suit those around you or even yourself. You do not have hard edges or succinct boundaries. From far away you  may look succinct but closer up the lines start to fringe. 

This work illustrates the inconsistency of identity through the separation of photographs into their component color channels and recombining them with projection. The whole is grasped but the images are distorted and details obscured. There is no one answer to the question of who you are and there never will be.

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